A Hungarian National History Book

András Gerő

His English-language books include:
Heroes’ Square Budapest. Hungary’s History in Stone and Bronze (1990)
Modern Hungarian Society in the Making. The Unfinished Experience (1995)
The Hungarian Parliament (1867-1918). A Mirage of Power (1997)
Imagined History. Chapters from Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Hungarian Symbolic Politics (2006)
The Jewish Criterion in Hungary (2007)
Public Space in Budapest. The History of Kossuth Square (2009)
Neither Woman nor Jew. The Confluence of Prejudices in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy at the Turn of the Century (2011)

Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society, 2015.
310 pages
2900 HUF
ISBN: 978-615-5118-34-0

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